Complete Parasite Removal Program

Complete Parasite Removal Program

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Proprietary herbal blends to help restore your bowel and gut to optimum health.

This uniquely designed 3 step program helps to achieve a comprehensive cleanse. Each program includes:
1 x PARASTART™ 300g
2 x PARAFLUSH™ 500ml
1 x PARACLEAN™ 45ml
All working cohesively together to help restore your bowel and gut to optimum health. Not for individual sale.

FIRST REMOVE PARASITES. Targets parasite overgrowth.
Parastart™ is designed to support the removal of parasites and assist elimination and gentle detoxification.

NOW, CLEAN UP DIE-OFF. Natural bowel cleanse.
When parasites live in your body they produce toxic waste products. When you do a parasite cleanse, large amounts of parasites can be rapidly killed. In the process, what is known as ‘die off’ occurs and toxic by-products are released into the body. Paraflush™ is designed to help rid the body of these toxins.

USE WITH STEP 1 + 2. Enhance your cleanse by reducing worms, fungus and mould.
Parasites can hide out in all the corners of the body. Paraclean™ is designed to target the hard to get at ‘bugs’, especially mould and fungus with a powerful blend of anti-parasitic herbs.