7/14/21 Day Juice Cleanse

7/14/21 Day Juice Cleanse

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It's time to get JUICY!

This mentored challenge will give you a surge in health and vitality along with many other benefits. This program includes 2 x 45 min consultations - 1 before the cleanse begins and 1 after you have completed it. You are mentored along the way to keep you inspired, educated and motivated toward a healthier YOU! Also included is product that is required on the challenge.

Simply follow through the days of the challenge, incorporating 1 juice per day along with a well-balanced, wholesome diet loaded with color and variety! YOU CHOOSE how long you want to stay on this cleanse for.

The Juices in the Challenge:

  • Day 1: Detox: Super Detox Green Juice

Reduce inflammation of the digestive system, and alkalize your body with this refreshing, cleansing juice! Packed with greens to detoxify, hydrate and nourish your cells. It’s the perfect pick me up or healthy morning kick start.

  • Day 2: Purify: Blood Purifier Juice

This tasty red juice purifies and strengthens your blood, improving blood flow and nourishing your blood cells!

  • Day 3: Nourish: Healthy Gut Green Juice

A powerful juice to help prevent cancer, soothe the stomach, and reduce the harmful effects of radiation therapy!

  • Day 4: Firm: Cellulite Purger Juice

Enjoy this citrus delight to help give cellulite the flick!

  • Day 5: Invigorate: V-Eight Juice

Feel amazing after drinking this vegetable juice packed with easily absorbed nutrients!

  • Day 6: Restore: Ginger Turmeric Shot

A quick shot of goodness that will fight inflammation, ward off colds and flu, and soothe stomach upsets!

  • Day 7: Eliminate: Heavy Metal Detox Juice

Rid your body of harmful heavy metal residues with this combination of potent detoxifying ingredients!

Utensil: Juicer. Alternatively a Blender and a NUT bag.