Hayfever Relief

October 03, 2020

Hayfever Relief

Hayfever is a biochemical imbalance of the body as a result of a sluggish liver rather than being basically caused by pollen, dust etc. When the liver is sluggish it causes an inability to digest the chosen diet. Often the bowels are found to be in a toxic shape (not doing no. 2’s at least 2-3 times per day without straining – not loose either). This all causes a disturbance to the immune system and a dominance of the TH2 cells basically causing an inflammatory response from the foreign particles like pollen, dust etc. Some recommendations you may like to consider:

2g vitamin C per day (Ester C or other natural source like Raw C).

Zinc 30-50mg/day

Vitamin A 5000iu/day

Colloidal minerals

 Quercetin 400-500g 3 x per day

Vitamin D 1000iu per day

Vitamin E 250-800iu/day

Vitamin B complex if stress is a factor

Liver support in the form of St. Mary’s thistle or Liverplex herbs

Organic Immune boosting tea.

Neti pot with salts

Adequate sleep

Espom salt bath


Fresh air


Steam inhalation of therapeutic grade essential oils

Of course, all these without addressing the inflammatory foods in the diet would be a waster of time and money. Things to avoid are coffee, alcohol, sugar, gluten, dairy and high animal protein. Increase anti-inflammatory foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes and plenty of leafy greens! Finally, don’t forget, stress and busyness can also cause the gut to become compromised.


Please consult with your health care professional before adding supplements into your regime. The above recommendations are some suggestions only and I don't recommend anyone begin taking any/all of these supplements without a consultation with a qualified practitioner.