A Hospital Visit - a very personal story.

January 25, 2018

A Hospital Visit - a very personal story.

Here I sit at the John Hunter Hospital while my dear father of 73 years of age is undergoing an MRI. Why? Because along with his numerous lifestyle illnesses he is now suffering from uncontrollable episodes during his sleep that finds him punching walls and falling out of bed fighting off some evil attacker. I said to my dad “So what are you hoping to achieve from this tonight, dad?” I was totally shocked at his response: “I am hoping they will find what is wrong with me and give me another pill to fix it!”

Now my dad is no fool, although he didn’t finish school, he is intelligent and has a very high IQ, However, this is the mentality that he has, sadly, and it is not uncommon. He already has a cupboard full of daily meds and needs to keep a diary and set alarms to remember when and how to take them. Some of his conditions are:

Diabetes Type 2 Insulin dependent and medication

High cholesterol

Blood pressure





Dripping nose

Deteriorating eye sight

Chronic back pain



...and there are more but you get the gist.

For most of these he has been prescribed symptom relieving medication.

When driving here I also asked dad if he had eaten before we left. He said, “I ate at 2pm, can’t even remember what I had…oh yeah, I had pizza, you know the frozen square ones and some spring rolls and a coke and coffee, that’s all I had today”.

To be honest, I felt so sad and angry! I had just finished explaining to him about how excited I was about running my first Raw Food School and how many lives were touched and potentially changed. I tried to explain to him that our body is a machine just the like car we were in. The car needs specific things to be injected into it to perform at it’s best. We couldn’t put coke in the petrol tank and expect the car to keep running. “Hahaha dad said, I wouldn’t put coke in the car!”, “Exactly”, I said. So how can you expect your body to function properly when you continually put that (insert explicit here) into your body?”

To this he replied, ‘the spring roll had some cabbage in it – it was vegetarian even!”

At this point, once again, I gave up talking about it and dad changed the subject to how many more ships there were in port today, than the previous week when he had his last hospital visit.

 Why am I telling you this? Because even though I believe I have the potential to help many people in this world from “lifestyle” illness – which is RAMPART, it is only those that are ready to listen and take action and want to be healthy, enough,that will do what it takes.

You see, our supermarkets shelves and rise of fast food outlets would be unrecognisable to our grandparents and great grandparents. They would not have a clue what they were looking at and if you showed them the ingredients label on 90% of the items there, they would think they were looking at another language. This food is NOT FOOD in any way, shape or form. The meat is no longer meat, the dairy is no longer dairy and don’t even get me started on the packaged, processed chemical laden rubbish that lines the shelves. I know this sounds harsh, and I, not so long ago would go along the aisles, one by one picking up things off the shelf and naively putting them in my trolley, knowing they were not all that great for me, but somehow justifying it because, after all, someone must be monitoring it all to make sure its safe, right? Well, NO! There isn’t! in fact, the food industry knows nothing about health and the health industry knows very little about food.

 So where does this leave us! It leaves us in a position that we must take hold of our OWN health and take responsibility for our bodies and look to what nature has provided us and eat predominantly from that food group. But is that enough? Well, in my opinion it is not! Why? Because our earth is so stripped of minerals and nutrients and the food that is grown these days is nowhere near as nutritious and it once was. So, what do we do? Well, what I do is, I eat SUPERFOODS! I believe this is one of the keys to feeling so awesome every day! Not only have I committed to eating mainly plant based, I supplement my diet with whole food SUPERFOODS. In my pantry I have a huge tub and when I am making my smoothies I rotate and add these to them and I reap the benefits. I no longer waste my money on alcohol, junk food, takeaways, expensive meats and chemical products from the supermarket, in fact I shop there as little as possible and I INVEST in my future, my health and my family’s health.

 You see, here I am waiting as my father is in a tunnel, hoping to get some answers to why he feels and looks so ill, and I wonder why he doesn’t listen. I know he would lose weight, regain energy, reverse his illnesses and reduce his almost certain chances of chronic heart failure or worse, being painfully kept alive on medication in a nursing home – but the key is – you must be ready! You have to have a why and you have to be willing to relearn EVERYTHING that we have been PROGRAMMED to believe – and that my friends is a challenge!

Some people believe that this is radical and too hard! What I think is radical and hard is having a chest cut open and ribs broken in order to take veins from legs to transplant into the chest cavity in order to live a little longer....that is radical. A change of lifestyle in comparison, seems far easier to me!

Are you ready to take up the challenge and change your life around? If you answered YES! I applaud you and if you need support, I would be honoured to show you the way that I believe will help. I don’t promise that it will be easy, but I do promise that if you do what I have done, you will get what I have got.

Have a healthy day,